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Welcome to HARIMANGA!

At HARIMANGA, we are dedicated to providing an extensive collection of manga content, making it your primary source for all things manga. Our platform offers a vast selection of top-tier manga that’s always available online and completely free of charge.

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A World of Manga Awaits

Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering the finest manga comics, tailored for avid manga enthusiasts like you. Whether you’re into manga, manhua, or manhwa, our platform is your gateway to a captivating world of stories, characters, and adventures.

A Global Community

Our dedication revolves around catering to a global audience encompassing people of all ages and backgrounds. We’re passionate about sharing our love for manga by presenting enthralling and thought-provoking narratives that resonate with all our beloved fans.

Free Access for All

We believe in keeping access to these exceptional creations free for everyone. HARIMANGA serves as a haven for all aficionados of Anime, Manga, Manhwa, Manhua, Gaming, and Cosplay.

Join Our Vibrant Community

This vibrant community welcomes your active participation, encouraging the exchange of anime-related memes, valuable recommendations, insightful reviews, compelling manga suggestions, engaging character fanfiction, beloved quotes, and everyday occurrences within the anime realm that ignite your enthusiasm—especially those captivating memes that never fail to elicit a smile.

For Fans of All Levels

Our platform caters to anime fans at all levels, from novices to the seasoned Otaku elite. Even those who enjoy a bit of humor have a designated space here (within reasonable limits, of course).

Respect and Guidelines

Before delving deeper, we kindly request that you familiarize yourself with our guidelines. Show respect to everyone within our community. While trolling is permitted for your amusement, it’s important to understand that the administrators and moderators uphold strict standards. Only ecchi posts are allowed.

Important Rules

However, it’s essential to clarify that censored hentai does not fall under the category of ecchi. Any posts promoting pedophilia will result in an immediate ban, and your profile will be reported accordingly.

No Self-Promotion

We kindly request that you refrain from advertising your own page or group. Additionally, please avoid reposting pictures and intentionally spamming the page. Hate speech regarding racism, religion, or gender will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Our Commitment

Engaging in such behavior will lead to instant blocking, without any exceptions. It’s important to note that if you find our community incompatible with your preferences, you are free to leave. The administrators and moderators are also more than willing—rather, enthusiastic—to guide you on the process of departure, should the need arise.

Cosplay and Selfies

The sharing of selfies is only permissible if you are showcasing your cosplay endeavors. We issue a single warning before taking further action. For any inquiries regarding the group, we encourage you to direct your questions to the administrators.

Enjoy Your Stay

Most importantly, we encourage you to enjoy your time here as you share your favorite anime links, captivating pictures, vivid descriptions, beloved pairings (ships), and delightful cosplayers.