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Summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1

In the realm of the Myhariman, Keiki Kiryuu finds himself repeatedly summoned to a parallel world as an unsuspecting “hero” tasked with rescuing a princess. Despite being a mere high school student with a disinterest in romantic pursuits, Keiki’s return to his own world doesn’t mark the end of his adventures.

Instead, he becomes a daily fixture in the parallel realm, facing life-or-death situations, emerging victorious, and returning home. Being a hero, it seems, is more of a burden than a boon for Keiki. However, everything changes when he encounters a mysterious girl, altering the course of his interdimensional exploits.

Background of the Summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1

Delving into the lives of the four main characters summoned to this parallel world, we discover their distinct backgrounds and motivations.

Sora, the protagonist, is a high school student caught in the cycle of summonings. Her ultimate goal is to find a way back home and break free from the relentless summons.

Aqua, a close friend of Sora, shares a similar fate of being summoned but struggles with amnesia, leaving her unaware of the circumstances surrounding her arrivals. Despite her kindness, Aqua occasionally exhibits impulsive tendencies.

Kairi, another close companion, was born in the parallel world and has never left its confines. Strong and determined, Kairi’s recklessness adds a dynamic element to her character.

Riku, Kairi’s older brother and a powerful sorcerer, left the parallel world in his youth, returning with formidable abilities. His seriousness and independence sometimes create a sense of distance.

How Did They Come to be Summoned?

Exploring the origins of summoning, the narrative reveals that individuals born with the ability to perceive beyond reality become known as summoners. Some believe summoning is a skill that requires honing through years of study, while others posit that spirits choose individuals as vessels through dreams, binding themselves to the summoners.

Regardless of the method, the power of summoning demands caution, as dealing with otherworldly forces carries the risk of losing oneself in the process.

The World at Hand

Describing the parallel world as a realm where magic and supernatural elements coexist, the narrative paints a vivid picture of a lush environment teeming with vibrant flora and fauna.

The sun is described as breathtaking, while the stars at night illuminate the sky for miles. However, lurking amidst the beauty are dangers in the form of ferocious beasts and powerful magic users.

Strange Creatures and Elements Found Within

Taking a detour into our world’s mysteries, the narrative explores legendary creatures that defy explanation. The Yeti in the Himalayas, the Kraken in Norwegian waters, and El Chupacabra from Puerto Rico add a touch of the extraordinary to the characters’ interdimensional experiences.

Challenges Faced in This New Environment

Keiki Kiryuu, summoned repeatedly to this parallel world, confronts two significant challenges. First and foremost, he grapples with the constant battles that characterize this realm, where wars between factions are perpetual. The physical and mental toll of constant combat is undeniably exhausting.

The second challenge is more psychological, stemming from the realization that any progress made is ephemeral. No matter Keiki’s efforts, unforeseen events conspire to reset everything, fostering frustration and a sense of futility.

Unexpected Allies or Enemies Found Along the Way

Life in the parallel world introduces the unpredictability of alliances and enmities. Relationships, initially assumed or dismissed, undergo unexpected transformations.

Former friends may become adversaries, while erstwhile enemies may evolve into trusted allies. These twists add complexity to the characters’ journeys, keeping readers on the edge of anticipation.

Lessons Learned as A Result Of Being Summoned

The chapter underscores the profound lessons derived from the summoning experiences. Adaptability, resourcefulness, courage, and the ability to navigate relationships become indispensable skills in the face of the parallel world’s challenges. The characters emerge from their trials stronger and more capable, a testament to the transformative nature of their extraordinary journey.


Summoned to a parallel world many times chapter 1 the beginning of an enthralling saga, chronicling Keiki’s adventures and struggles in the parallel world. With battles, psychological challenges, unexpected alliances, and profound lessons, the narrative promises a captivating exploration of self and the unknown. As readers eagerly await subsequent chapters, the world of “Chronicles of the Summoned” stands ready to unveil its mysteries, ensuring an engaging and thrilling storytelling experience.

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